Texas A&M Tunnels

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April 27th, 2009

Slight changes around the site, a few errors, typos, broken links, etc, etc that were noticed have been fixed. Small tidbits of information have been added here and there nothing major.

The most important change however would be to the Disclaimer, I recommend you go over them.

Also, the additional information I mentioned last night is still sitting in my inbox, I'll get to it soon I promise.

April 26th, 2009

Thank you Mr. Richard for pointing out the legibility issues in our color schemes...I hadn't quite gotten around to resizing our background image for our webpage, and that lead to the issues you mentioned. This works a little better I think (temporarily). I'll get around to actually spending the 5 minutes needed to modify the image and stick it in here.

In other news, I have more information on the map, I'm working on updating the map and the website, I should have it up eventually.

April 22nd, 2009

Alright, tamutunnels.netii.net is up and running. It isn't quite perfect, yet (as you've probably noticed, it is MILES from being perfect) but I do have all the basic information up.

Follow the links on your left to the Map of the steam tunnels under campus, the Map Key will help you make sense of all the symbols and notations on the map.

The Exits, Landmarks and Notes basically provide further detail, and the Photo Gallery is for your viewing pleasure (should you wish to know what it's like down there).

I'm not quite done here yet, as time goes on I fully intend on making this whole site much better. I plan on making it nicer, a lot more interactive, hopefully the map will be more navigable, and obviously, I'll keep updating the map and the various things that go with it as new information comes to me. If you guys have any thing you'd like to share anything about the tunnels themselves or about the website, feel free to shoot me and email at ilcartographer@tamutunnels.netii.net.

Keep checking back for updates!

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